March 8, 2022 // by Jason White

Fermentation is all around us. It is used to some degree in a surprising number of common, and not so common, items of food and beverage all around the world. It is found in every culture and on every continent and, while it has served to nourish and sustain generations of different cultures around the globe, it is declining in popularity in proportion to the rise of commercialism and mass produced food.

My guest today has taken up the cause of advocating for and preserving the art of fermentation, all while bringing together a myriad of cultural practices to share with the world. His name is Sandor Katz, also known as “Sandor Kraut”, he is a fermentation revivalist and New York Times best selling author. He has been called “the Johnny Appleseed of Fermentation” and has achieved a sort of rockstar status among the independent food movement.

In our conversation, we discuss some of his experiences abroad as well as dive into some of the reasons that fermentation can be found in every culture around the world. We get into the elusive nature of the origins of fermentation and the many ways it has evolved into what it is today. We also discuss using fermentation on the homestead as an augmentation to the more standard preservation practices such as canning, drying and freezing.

Click below to purchase one of Sandor’s books: (I will receive a small commission at no cost to you)

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  1. LOVED this. I already have all his books and have loved them all. Fermenting veggies is WOW!! Sooooo good!

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