September 6, 2022 // by Jason White

We all have different reasons for wanting to homestead and even different definitions of what exactly the word homesteading means. We’re all drawn to different aspects of the homestead way of life and the possibilities are endless when it comes to the combinations of different plants, animals and practices you can find at the individual homestead level. We also all have different skill sets and blessings, but also varying limitations such as climate, property size and local regulations.

Well today’s guest was drawn to homesteading from a personal desire for a better way of life, but was driven forward by the will to survive. Her name is Rachel Jamison and early in her adult life she found herself facing multiple severe health issues that made producing her own nutrient dense food not only a desire, but an absolute necessity. Many years later she now, not only lives a life of abundant health, but also inspires others through her example and by co-hosting the wonderful “Modern Homesteading Podcast”.

We get to hear about her early journey in homesteading and how she was able to restore her, and her family’s health by taking control of their food. We talk about homesteading as a matter of the heart and how important it is to ‘grow where you’re planted’, rather than wait for the perfect set of circumstances. She shares some of the ways that she has built community over the years and even gets into some of the details of what she has done to build healthy soil on her property.


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