March 15, 2022 // by Jason White

In this solo show I take a few minutes and introduce you to the homestead and talk about some of the current and future projects we’ll be taking on.  I get into our chicken program and how we’ve found an exciting compromise to our ideal practice of pasture raising our birds.  I get into the details of our new meat rabbit project and talk about what kind of animals we’re planning on putting on our pasture this spring.  I also get into the subject of spring gardening and hint at some exciting plans we have for growing food and experimenting on the new homestead.

The great folks over at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds have been kind enough to give me a $30 gift certificate to giveaway to one of my listeners.  All you have to do to enter to win is to head over to apple podcasts and leave a 5 star rating and review then send a screen shot to  

 The drawing will be held Friday March 25 at 6:30CST.  Click the link below to head over to apple podcasts.

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