July 26, 2022 // by Jason White

I think that when many of us hear the words preparedness or prepper, we tend to think in terms of things we can buy like stockpiles of gear and supplies. While having ample supplies in a crisis could certainly mean the difference between life and death in a serious catastrophe, having the right mindset just might be as, or more important.

Today’s guest has taken it upon herself to teach the average person, particularly women and mothers, to take realistic and practical steps toward food security and preparedness in general. Her 2018 book ‘A year without the grocery store’ is, in my opinion, the perfect guide for anyone in the early stages of working towards becoming more intentional and organized in managing their family’s food resources. She teaches that preparedness is more than just a stockpile of supplies and gear, but also a mindset that should be absent of fear, doom and gloom.

In our conversation, Karen shares how she found herself essentially preparing by accident and some of the ways she and her family have had to be flexible in order to maintain their food storage. She shares some personal crises and disasters she and her family have been through and the lessons she learned from them. She lays out some solid first steps for those wanting to get started in preparedness and shares some exciting new developments you won’t want to miss.

Visit Karen’s website http://www.areyoupreparedmama.com

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