June, 28, 2022 // by Jason White

As I’ve continued my journey towards a more independent and resilient lifestyle, I’ve started to think outside of the box when it comes to providing food for my family. While learning how to produce and store food in ways that reduce or eliminate dependency on conventional supply channels, I started to wonder whether foraging could play a role in my family’s food security.

My guest today is an expert in primitive skills and foraging and, since the release of his book “Foraging the Ozarks” in 2020, many have been turning to him to learn how to safely and ethically utilize the abundance of wild plants around them. His name is Bo Brown and he has been teaching survival skills for decades at his First Earth Wilderness School in Southern Missouri.

In our conversation, we discuss the nutritional superiority of wild foods over cultivated varieties and how, by eating garden weeds, we can instantly increase the productivity of our gardens. We talk about which plants are best to start with for beginners and Bo shares some valuable resources for those looking to get started in foraging.

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