March 22, 2022 // by Jason White

The homesteading movement in America is growing at a rapid pace as many people look to find meaning and security by leaving behind city life in favor of a slower and more self sufficient lifestyle. Thankfully, there are people who have been living that lifestyle since before homesteading was a buzzword and are willing to share their wisdom and experience with those of us just getting started.

My guest today is Danny King and he is one of those who have lived the life and are generous with their advice, wisdom and experience. Through their YouTube channel “Deep South Homestead”, Danny and his wife Wanda share their day to day life: the challenges they face and the practices they depend on; as well as their take on current events and how they relate to all of us.

In our conversation, we learn about the world that Danny grew up in and how he got started in homesteading and preparedness. We talk about first steps for a new homesteader or gardener and dig deep (pun intended) into issues of herbicide use and it’s downstream effects on gardening practices and food safety. Danny talks about some of the basic metrics of preparedness and food security as well as hints at some of the darker realities of the world we live in today.

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