April 19, 2022 // by Jason White

In my family’s quest for food security and health we have often considered raising meat rabbits as a solution to the problems of meat price, quality and availability. Since moving onto our new homestead late last year, we have begun the process of starting our own rabbity by building infrastructure and acquiring our own starter breeding stock.

While researching how to get started on the right foot, we found Bobby Jimenez through his youtube channel called “The Rabbitry Center”. His videos have helped steer us in the right direction and have been a valuable resource for us during the early stages of our meat rabbit journey.

In our discussion, we learn about the many benefits of raising meat rabbits and he gets into some of the more challenging aspects of running a rabbitry. We talk about some considerations for breeding and management as well as go in depth about the possibilities of raising rabbits for meat in a world where bagged feed may not always be available.

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